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Light Blogging

Blogging will be light as I am taking a 3 weeks tour to investigate investment opportunities in a red hot international market.

GOOG low

Today will be the low on GOOG correction. Good time to buy.

Top Sectors

1 Bldg material wholesale
2 Steel and iron
3 Semi Integrated Circuits
4 Specialty Eateries
5 Farm and construction Machinery.

16% Annual wealth increase plus free sex

A study by Ohio State University researcher Jay Zagorsky suggests marriage is good return. According to his review of 9,055 baby boomers, married folks accumulated net worths that were 93 percent higher than single or divorced individuals. And married individuals tended to experience average wealth increases of 16 percent annually.

Google- A kick and a kiss

Two covers on Google? The Barrons one was a good bullish indicator considering Barrons cover track record so far.

GM Bottom ?

Paris Hilton is back

In early May of 2004, Parlux Fragrances (who have made fragrances for Guess, Perry Ellis, XOXO) announced that they would be releasing a fragrance line created by Hilton. The perfume would be aptly named "Paris Hilton". The scent was described as "a brilliant flirtatious charm, this head-turning fragrance can be dressed up or down for both day and evening wear." The scent consists of "an ethereal halo with delicious notes of frozen Apple and juicy Peach Nectar wrapped with sparkling Muguet and a splash of wet Ozone. A luminous bouquet of sensual floralcy is at the heart of this fragrance. Delicate Mimosa Blossoms are entwined with sheer Freesia and Night-Blooming Jasmine petals, while heady, rich Tuberose provides depth and texture."
The perfume launch was a success. Originally set to be a small release, demand became popular and they had a wide release before Christmas of 2004. The launch was a big part of the Parlux stock increasing 30%. Ilia Lekach, a CEO at Parlux, said "I am delighted with our record performance and I’m optimistic regarding results through the end of our fiscal year. We have recently commenced shipments of our Paris Hilton fragrance which has surpassed our expectations."
After the success of Hilton's perfume, Parlux Fragrances had her create Paris Hilton for Men, a cologne that has a "sensual aura." The packaging states: "Paris Hilton knows how she likes a man to smell, so she has created a scent to share with her male admirers around the world." The colgone is available at Lazarus-Macy's. Sales reports are not available.
Hilton's latest perfume is called Just Me by Paris Hilton. She claims there will be more to follow.

Bottom Sector

1 Internet information providers
2 Broadcasting radio
3 Meat Products
4 Recreational goods
5 Jewelry Stores

Top Sectors

1 Specialty Eateries
2 Aluminum
3 Non Metallic Minerals and mining
4 Semi Integrated circuit
5 Farm and construction material

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