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I began seriously trading in 2004. From 2004 to 2006 I took a trading course that cost thousands of dollars with dreams of retiring with millions of dollars within 5 years. Although I learned a lot, my trading results were terrible. I frequently wiped out my entire account between 2004 and 2008 before I realized that I needed a new path…I needed to start over. My confidence was gone, my frustration level was at an all time high, and I was regretting the money I spent trying to learn how to trade. My dreams of getting rich quick and retiring in my 30’s was gone.

At that time I had two choices: I could give up trading altogether or give it one more shot. I knew I had taken the wrong approach over the previous 5 years, so I decided to start over and scrapped everything I had learned. I had to unlearn everything and re-program myself if I wanted to trade profitably. During my search for a solution in early 2009, I did a simple Google search on “swing trading” and came across a blog owned by a member of the Stockbee site. One day I decided to click on the link on his blog to the Stockbee site and the rest is history.

I joined the members’ area in May 2009 with the understanding that I may not see immediate results. Over the next 6 months I read the entire guide section several times and participated in boot camps provided on the site. Although I was still not yet profitable, inside myself I could feel things changing. I knew that Pradeep’s methods were based on concepts as a solid foundation for profitability, and that gave me the faith to persevere.

Around April 2010, something happened - I had my first profitable month. But I was not simply trading off Pradeep’s trade alerts any longer; I was applying his methods on my own without needing the blog to prompt me to enter a trade. For the first time in my trading life I had the confidence to do this – my self efficacy level was rising. In 2010 I had my first profitable year – a 56% return for the year – after years of wiping out and killing my confidence. My goal in 2011 is to make 100%. When I joined, I never would have thought my goals would be to make 100%.

My improvements were not due to taking stock picks or simply following Pradeep in every trade. They were due to being TAUGHT to trade by Pradeep. That is the difference – Pradeep is a teacher. But he is not a coddler – he will push you and be totally honest with you. He answers question freely like handing out candy to school children – and I can’t say that about any other trading instructor I have ever had.

If you want to learn to build the self efficacy to trade on your own and learn some profitable methods to trade, this is the place. Some services recruit subscribers with the goal of keeping them hooked on the service without teaching them to trade on their own. Not this site – the goal of the site is to drive each member to develop the self efficacy to trade without needing the blog. I can do that now, but I have found the insights that Pradeep and other members provide is priceless. This blog is a community, a family in many ways, and we grow together and help each other.

I owe my trading successes in 2010 and all future success to what I have learned on this site. Pradeep has become my divine connection that has kicked off the profitable phase of my trading. His decision to run this blog has had unquantifiable effects on me and others. It is truly priceless.
bh – North Carolina



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This website is like no other in the marketplace. Pradeep Bonde has a passion for the stock market and a passion for teaching that is truly remarkable. I have learned more here and from the books he recommends than I have learned in 30 years of trading stocks and commodity futures.

Thanks for all you do, Pradeep. We are very lucky that you are so willing to share your time and experience. I am a teacher and I know how much time, preparation and patience goes into teaching the members of this site and answering their ENDLESS questions!
Nat Robbins




I have been a member of your blog for several months now. I have been trading and have experimented with many things. However, I have found your approach to be most sensible.

Specifically -


A) Your Market Monitor framework for market timing is very robust. I have gone back and studied market monitor signals in last couple of years (I am still studying them in fact). This framework gives very good signals ahead of major market turns. Moreover, this framework gives signals in long and short time time frames which allows you to trade accordingly. Example - market monitor gave a "get out of the market" signal on 09/09/08 last year and "get in the market" signal on 03/18/09 this year


B) You also put your comments on your interpretation of Market Monitor signals that is very useful for members because its not just the numbers but the meaning of these numbers which is of importance


C) You approach to find individual stock ideas with strong stop loss discipline is keeping your members out of trouble. And the beauty is, you combine your market monitor signals with individual stock ideas so you can go on offense or defense accordingly


D) Also, your responsiveness. I have seen you answer EVERY question from the members. You have all kinds of members and you answer all of their questions and that brings them up to speed with your trading style

To sum it up, I don't think there is a comparable product / service available in the market place that offers the kind of value that you offer. Thank you so much Pradeep for your work and your offering.






So what is special about Stockbee? What am I learning from Stockbee that I have not learned from others? There are hundreds of newsletters, informational sites, trade alert services and coaching outfits to choose from... I have tried several of them and Stockbee is far superior for the following three reasons:
1)  I am getting a deep understanding about MARKET STRUCTURE. What really goes on underneath those green and red bars. What works, what does not. Specifically, what is the one enduring phenomenon that decade after decade proves itself repeatedly and used correctly, can be handsomely profitable. Once I understood this phenomenon, Pradeep showed me how to use it to "extract profit" from the market... and it works!
2)  I am getting a deep understanding about what steps I need to take to become a consistently out-performing trader. Concepts such as self-efficacy,  mastery and situational awareness are key concepts that must be internalized prior to out-performance. Pradeep beats these concepts into me each and every day and they are becoming second nature.
3)  Pradeep is in the trenches with all the subscribers. Unlike most others, Pradeep is not an unreachable "black box". He's right out there! I know exactly what trades he is taking and whether or not he succeeds because he shares his trades real time. I know when he succeeds, I know when he fails. There's great transparency. We go up together, down together. And he answers emails. And he isn't afraid to set subscribers straight when we go off track -- sometimes a mild beating is a good thing!
I highly recommend Stockbee although it would also be nice to keep Pradeep all to ourselves too!

I have been a member of the Stock Bee Blog for over a year now. I have been trading stocks for the past 10 years and was a broker with TD Ameritrade. I can honestly say that I have learned more from you and your blog in the past year than I learned in the past 10 years trading on my own. I have subscribed to numerous newsletters, blogs, and trading services over the past 10 years. None of them even come close to the methods you have developed.

In my opinion, your methods are truly revolutionary! In fact, of all the trading methods I have ever tried, only your methods have been significantly profitable. Your customer service to your members is absolutely first class! You have responded to every single e-mail that I have ever sent you and have done so in a timely manner.

Becoming a Stock Bee member has been the best decision I have made in my trading career. Thank you Pradeep!”






I am very impressed with your Member's Only site. It has helped me understand markets and trading a lot better. Your site in comparison to others is really geared towards making money.


The idea behind your Market Monitor is very original and I have not seen anything like this anywhere else.


Your focus on educating your members about your methods and trading is what distinguishes your site from everything else I have seen. I have learned more in last 3 months from you than I learned in five years of trading. I am amazed at the amount of information and details you share with members on a daily basis.

Keep the good work going.





I am impressed with your analysis, work and knowledge of this market. Your market monitor works really well, I watched today solar energy and fertilizer sectors as you predicted they could start to sell off and they started to do so.

Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge and tools with us. Much appreciated.

Wish the best for you and your family for new year. Happy holidays.








Whether you are new to trading looking for a mentor or if you just want to know how someone is trading and what his strategies and methods are, then checkout Stockbee.



He is very helpful if you have any questions and his blog is one of the best trading blog. Inside you will find

awesome collection of posts on his trading methods and various interesting trading insights.


Get a membership and its worth every penny!






The dynamics of playing in the mine field of fear and greed is very challenging. Survival can be even harder. Pradeep I have observed the developments of your efforts for a while now and I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your blogs and I am confident in what you present. Your intentions to aid willing participants to be successful becomes obvious each and every day. You provide strategies, scripts and demonstrate the development of your techniques which have reaped you success. Your attempts to further develop the depth and confidence for your readers by presenting references to snippets of materials that you have gleaned from successful professionals reflects your convictions to bring your audience along. In the past we have all seen many books and overpriced seminars (which try to upsell their members) that have very little yield. These references direct us to literature with solid content. What makes this blog compelling is your focus to present concrete strategies and to mentor participating members of your audience to succeed and deliver solid content that is relevant to the current market.

I personally wanted to send you this simple thank you and will be looking forward to further developments.






I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your members only website. I expected it to have a few extras, but I’ve been blown away by the amount of information you share every day. Your explanations of your methodologies and you sharing of stock-finding formulas have helped me greatly in my trading. Market Monitor is a tremendous tool for determining the underlying direction of the market and I have found no other site or service that has such a unique (and accurate) way of monitoring what’s going on underneath the hype.


Keep up the good work!





Just wanted to let you know once again how spot on your blog is to many of the questions I have in my head. I got really busy at work over the last few days and was a bit behind but you really nailed some of the questions and ideas I have been having. Your blog is just great and always so timely with some of the ideas I am trying to explore on my own but often am unable to focus my thoughts and figure out where to look for the information I want. Then some how with in a day or two almost miraculously you will have a post answering my questions or giving me the tools to execute my own ideas, or spur me on to thinking on the next level. I can not thank you enough for helping me make sense of so much information. You are great and very much appreciated. Thanks!





Just a note of thanks for your new Member's Site. I've been searching for an education like I've gotten from your teachings most of my life.

What truly differentiates this site from the others is that a learning process is involved. It's unique when someone will so openly share their vast knowledge and learning of such an important skill.


I was a member of Dan Zanger's service and I can honestly say this is truly much more useful. Being able to learn and be taught makes all the difference in the world. For less than what a month of membership at the Zanger site costs, I have obtained a year's worth of significantly better product.


Just your recent signal on the new "Signals" section to buy Activision four market days ago has paid for 40 years of renewals to StockBee.

Since joining I have been able to achieve a 30% return in my account. Thanks again.




Just a quick note to thank you for your site.


I was very skeptical when a trader friend suggested it to me two months ago. He had got great results and was very enthusiastic and spoke highly about it. Let me tell you, it was the best decision I made. Your site is very insightful and practical.


I trade IBD 200, Double Trouble and Episodic Pivots using the steps you detailed and few modifications of my own. I am having best results so far in my trading career with them. I have made money even in this downturn. The best part is , I did that by doing my own analysis using your scans and then comparing my selection with your final lists. I get similar picks on my own.


Your analysis and calls on BIDZ, MA, STP, MICC, WFR, and ATVI were simply great. They gave me 20% plus moves in just few days or weeks. The posts and analysis you made on IBD 200 this week, was simply great. I learned so much from that step by step analysis.


Now I know what you meant when you said "Methods Trump Markets". That is my new mantra. I have that sign prominently displayed on my trading computer, refrigerator, and even my shaving mirror.


Again thanks for your effort. I feel blessed to have found your site.







The Members Only area has opened my eyes to many profitable strategies. After implementing the steps highlighted by you, I have been able to successfully implement the IBD 200 strategy and last month made 20% profit.

Your explanation of thinking behind all the strategies has helped me learn why these things work. Everyday I am learning new things about market and how to extract money from the market.

Thank you for teaching me how to fish.






I consider trading to be a craft and the members area is an essential way to improve that craft. I have been a stockbee blog reader since the start of 2007 and have developed the utmost conviction that the trading methods (skill) and market understanding (knowledge) found here results in one thing - making money.

The members area has taken this to another level. The focus list helps me recognize the better candidates that the usual scans provide.

Crafts are difficult to transfer from one person to another but the candid answers to member questions allow me to understand the subtleties of the mindset of a successful trader in action and because of this I have already been able to internalize three significant improvements to my stock selection ability.

This may sound arrogant but I have no time for lazy people that expect answers to questions that have likely already been answered and could easily have been found by searching the blog archives. The members area is different. Subscribers give more thought to their comments and this makes the discussion richer. In addition, getting the perspective of other traders who are really serious about what they are doing can bring insight.







The Members area of your blog has opened up possibilities of interacting on a more personal level where your research and in-depth analysis, grasp of subject, and experience you are willing to share and impart, thus exponentially reducing the learning curve one goes through.


This interaction motivates to meet challenges and undertake due diligence with assurance that one has a mentor or a guide and his research to back up methodology, ideas and a system to evaluate, conceptualize and adopt.

What fascinates me is that for each and every aspect of your methodology you have succinctly done an in-depth review and are sharing this with all your members without the any “black box” charges.

Each free moment for me now is a system or a methodology to be learned and perfected., from casual reading of a newspaper to the experience of making a trade and profiting above average returns.

This may not be possible without your members area.





"The member area is GREAT,it is helping me become a good independent trader and has given me new systems that I can really use! Also the MARKET MONITOR from members area is great for market direction and early warning system! You have your fingers on the pulse of the market better than paid service or blog I have ever read !!! AND LET ME TELL YOU THAT SAYS ALOT!!!!"







"The member area helps me to become a knowledgeable independent trader. All aspects of trading are covered in great details with exact steps to help internalize the stuff. It helps me understand the fundamentals of various systems and regularly introduces new concepts that I can apply to these or any other trading systems.

I use Market Monitor from the Member Area to assess the long, medium and short term strength and direction of the Market that is so crucial for any trader. I also use it as early warning system for anticipating Market consolidation phase.

The member area has provide me with a network of good traders with whom I can interact. This site also provides daily buy and sell signals on various opportunities.


Finally, the member area puts me in direct contact with Pradeep whose knowledge and willingness to share knows no bounds."


Sita Raman 




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