Episodic Pivots

gravitar easyguru - 4:59PM Apr 27
Earning season and general market froth is leading to lot of candidates coming in Episodic Pivot list. When markets correct and start fresh moves, you have very few candidates to work with and when you enter them, they have high success rate. EP in later part of market moves often have pullbacks and offer better entries after few weeks.

Here are only selected stocks from over 40 plus EP candidates yesterday.

ARM,Arvinmeritor Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
BXXX,Brooke Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
DBTK,Double-Take Software Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
EPAY,Bottomline Technologies (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
GEL,Genesis Energy (L.P.) (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
LOOP,LoopNet Inc (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
MTH,Meritage Homes Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
PLXS,Plexus Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
VICR,Vicor Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
WCAA,Wca Waste Corp (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart
WST,West Pharmaceutical Svcs (Google  Yahoo  Earnings  Chart


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    None commented on April 27, 2007

    Always nice to see something I'm already long on this list ... PLXS. Value stock, when I picked it up, the market cap was only 4/5 of the enterprise value. At least part of its move is a short squeeze.