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Swing Trading Setups Sept 25, 2017


London Bootcamp Study by a member

Hi Pradeep - glad you had a safe trip back home from London. Thanks again for all your energy and effort in the boot-camp - I am still reviewing and applying the info and am very grateful to you! I completed the exercise you suggested we did on the 25 set-ups of 4%, dollar and anticipation. I found: The average RR on the 4% the lowest at around RR2, the dollar higher at around RR3 but the major difference being the anticipation which was over RR7. I also found it hard to get a stop less than 5% on the 4% breakouts and obviously less than a dollar on the $b/o but with anticipation 0.5c and less than 3% stops are often possible. It seems the best would be to focus on high priced anticipation set up, which I think is what you said See attachment