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Bluefin Stock Screener

Dan of Patient Fisherman blog  has been one of the earliest member from this site. In last six month he has been working on developing a streamlined screener for some of the methods discussed here. Many of you would have seen some of the list he has been putting up using momentum. He has developed a comprehensive screening machine for all method traded here. The screening also incorporates earnings data. It allows you to track earnings breakout weeks or month after their earnings date. 

He will be launching his new screening app sometime next month. For stockbee members he is going to make the application available for preview before making it available to public. It is a standalone application and does not require Telechart. So those looking for cheaper online alternative ( I do not know how much he plans to charge for it to recover his development and hosting costs, but it will be much lower than what you pay for Telechart) will find it extremely powerful tool. 

I have been using it for last couple of weeks and it is a time saver. If you are interested in this powerful customised screener contact DC through his blog Patientfisherman. 

Here is a post from his blog detailing it.....


Preview: Bluefin Stock Screener

Below are screenshots covering some of the functionality found in the Bluefin Stock Screener. This should help you get familiar with the application before the launch. Also, I added a BONUS watch list - Post Earnings Surprises.

We will be providing ADVANCED Access to all StockBee members. Details to come.

1. Scan for candidates across all watch lists on the selected entry signal.
2. All google watch lists are now accessible immediately through screener.
3. Stop, Total Shares, and Amount At Risk calculated on the fly based on your trading capital.
4. View the top 10 sectors through-out the day, along with the volume interest in each sector.
5. View stocks in any of the top 10 sectors by selecting the sector.
6. Export any watch list or scan to excel.

7. Filter any set of results by Sector or Watch List by selecting the Filter Arrow button and choosing your item.


8. Sort any set of results by clicking on the column header.


9. Filter any set of results by entering the filter criteria and selecting the condition you want applied to that criteria.