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Learning Theory

Research shows that you can learn more in few days than you can learn in a year. A focused approach to solving a problem where you put lot of efforts in short period of time leads to expansion of you ability to process and analyse information. That is survival mechanism.  

This is the principle used by armies to train people. Intense burst of 4-5 days of learnings lead to more learning than a long  drawn out plan. Once you get in to learning zone, you would learn more quickly. The more load you add to a learner more efficient he becomes in processing the information.

Before getting in to trading in my previous career I did lot of sales and customer service training and extensively studied learning theories. I also taught a very popular class to MBA student on marketing and I experimented with lot of the learning theory stuff in those classes. 

The most effective learning state is where you are loaded with more work than you can handle and you are continuously challenged. If you go back and look at your own intense learning phases you would see this. Goal of learning skills and procedural stuff is not knowledge acquisition but to change your perceived self efficacy belief.

Learning is complete when your self efficacy beliefs change. Self efficacy beliefs change if you experience mastery experience. When do you experience mastery experience ? When you stretch yourself.

The other pre requisite to experiencing a mastery experience is you have to be actively doing a task. That is why passive video based methods and trading guides and self paced programs, though popular do not work as well as bootcamp kind stretch sessions.

When I taught a marketing course , my course was very intense. Most participants would struggle to barely keep up. Everything was planned to stretch people as much as possible. At first everyone struggled , but in few days everyone became more efficient in handling the task. Then the pressure and complexity would be jacked up. It was the hardest thing many students had experienced in their adult life. So as a joke they started calling it easyguru course and that is how I got my nickname.

If you really want to improve your trading results, you just have to focus like crazy  for next 3 days and you will find your abilities will improve dramatically. 

The other lesson to learn from last 24 hours is how critical mastering trading software is to your success. That is why I keep telling people to get their software skills in place first. If you have those skills then you can convert many of your ideas in to trading methods and end results would be profit. Without that you will never have self sufficiency. 

think about these things..

Telechart scan development porn

Out of the 5 methods around pullbacks I discussed yesterday:

  1. Pullback to support
  2. Pullback to MA
  3. Pullback to pivot
  4. Pullback to trend line
  5. Pullback to Fib

I am going to use for my personal trading pullback to support and pullback to MA. 

During the course of the day I will put together a method to do this using Telechart.

You will be able to see how I do it or how I struggle to do it.

So all those who just want to be observers without doing it themselves are welcome to the Telechart scan development porn show.......


and all those who are struggling to put together pcf, easyscans, etc in Telechart, I have a hint....

There is something called

If you go there you might find something called discussion....

and may be if you make an effort there might be a search box on it...

and then if you make an effort to use it...

may be you will find answers to most of the assignments...

or your pcf problems...

and if you attempt doing it may be...

it might result in Self Efficacy Beliefs Enhancements

so before you send me emails saying you do not know how to do this in Telechart exhaust that option...

You might discover "hey eureka! I can do this myself".....

What builds self efficacy beliefs (SEB)?


Mastery Experience is the biggest source for enhancing self efficacy beliefs build up. Mastery experience is gained when you immerse yourself in a task or subject for sufficient period of time and with sufficient amount of intensity. The process results in you mastering the task or the subject. That enhances SEB.

The idea behind bootcamp is to enhance SEB. Learning is complete only if it results in learners self efficacy beliefs enhancement. If that happens there is a permanent change in behavior. A non participant cannot gain SEB by being just observer or reading the bootcamp records. It can not simulate the mastery experience.

That is the fundamental learning principle behind bootcamp kind of instruction methodologies. Participants are put through series of task which stretch their current knowledge or capabilities. In a army kind of setting the fear of punishment ensures participation and pushes the subjects to extreme limits of their capabilities which results in an intense mastery experience. Ask anyone who has been through the Marines bootcamp or any other special forces bootcamp. The experience is physical as well as emotional. It stays with the subjects forever in the process enhancing their SEB.

That is the principle behind the bootcamp exercise. That is the reason it will not be open to non participants and I will not make the logs of it available to non participants.

The other reason is once the logs are public , I can not do the same bootcamp again. Because next series of people already know the answers. That is why the second or third EP bootcamp did not work because participants could find answers easily without much effort.


Your process of SEB enhancement  is at its peak when you are a kid. Just observe small kids and you will see how they master task after task. This continuous learning process continuously enhances their SEB.

Some time back I was at my daughter's Taekwondo class sitting outside the glass enclosure watching the class along with other parents and small kids.

Amongst the kid sitting outside was a 2 to 3 year old kid. In the waiting area there is a large steel flip top dustbin. The kind that you press the peddle by leg and the lid opens. Someone threw something in the dustbin, the small kid was intently watching the process. After that he tried opening the lid. He could not do it.

I was sitting and closely watching the kid. For next one hour he made several attempts at opening the lid. He could not get it to open it, his mom kept telling him not to play with dustbin, but again and again he kept coming back.

Just to give him a hint I again opened the dustbin and threw some garbage in. He figured out that the pedal is the key to opening it. He tried moving the pedal by hand, it did not work. He tried standing on it but his weight was not sufficient. Finally after several attempts he jumped on it and it opened. He figured out how to do it. He smiled broadly. In next few minutes he perfected opening it by jumping on the pedal.

What happened in the process is that he mastered a task and gained confidence. Like this in a day a kid gains several mastery experience by trying new things. As a result his or her SEB continuously gets enhanced. If the kid is in right educational setup, this cycle continues.

As adult this process becomes a bit complicated. Our fear of losing our face stops us from attempting many tasks. Besides that once we acquire certain amount of security there is no need for continuous learning. So we settle in a inertia state. And keep orbiting in the same orbit.

If you want to kick your life in to next orbit you need to get out of that inertia and enhance your SEB. Which often as adult is not an easy task.

Besides that as adult we discover a wonderful thing that kills SEB.




Swing Trading Bootcamp August 3rd to August 6th 2010

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This will be the most comprehensive bootcamp on swing trading exploring all options of swing trading in detail.

During the course of bootcamp the emphasis will be on building hands on swing trading skills.

Participants will develop at least 25 different swing trading strategies during the bootcamp.

Telechart Gold Subscription essential.

The Bootcamp will be conducted on this site and in format similar to original Episodic Pivots bootcamp.

For every bootcamp I go through all my books and notes and documents and prepare extensively to bring relevant, thought provoking, and original material. The quality of bootcamp depends on participants willingness to put in effort and learn actively.

So unless you are serious about learning about swing trading do not register. The content of the bootcamp will be visible only to the participants.

If you want to be part of this bootcamp await further announcement in next two days that will tell you how to register for the bootcamp on the site.